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Find quick, easy tips for proper garage door maintenance here

While it’s dangerous to attempt any major garage door repairs when you’re not professionally trained for the job, there are a few simple things you could do to keep your door working smoothly. Find some suggestions on this page.

Teach household members how to operate a garage door properly

All household members should know how to operate the garage door properly since you will be around all the time to assist them. While they may know the basics of how to use the garage door, they might get into an emergency in which they will need to know about the emergency features.

Buy a new garage door you'll need

When you select new garage doors, give emphasis to your real needs. Focus on what kind of opener you need and whether you want a clicker or wireless garage door keypad. Choose the right material depending on the local climate and make sure the door type can open all the way without obstructions.

Never leave your door partially open

Experts from Malibu warn homeowners never to leave their garage door partially open. This is both for safety and security reasons. The door can suddenly close down and come into contact with an object in its path. Having the door partially open also makes the garage vulnerable to intruders.

Solutions to forgetting your remote control

If you think that you always forget or leave your remote control, you may opt to have a keypad for your garage door at home. This is the most common option among homeowners in Malibu. Another option is to program your car, making it the remote control and opener at the same time. There are other apps available nowadays which can be installed on your Smart phones which can serve this purpose too.

Temporary fix for a door that doesn’t open

In case you are faced with a situation where your automatic garage door just would not open even if you repeatedly pushed the button on your remote, don’t panic. Experts at Garage Door Repair Malibu recommend a temporary fix. All you have to do is to disconnect your garage door opener from the power supply and attach a durable string. This will allow you to open your garage door unit manually.

Tip for checking the function of the stop mechanism

Skilled servicemen with many years of experience in handling garage door issues.

Once every 30 days you should put a board or some sort of paper objective underneath the garage door in order to see whether the reversal mechanism will react. A towel can do a similar job. The rules changed in 1993 when it became a requirement for this auto feature as part of any service package. These are safety measures.

Garage door inspection tip

You should ensure that there is a regular check up on things like pulleys and cables.

Garage Door Repair Malibu recommends that the rollers and cables are not ignored either. Monthly checks should be the norm but the repair should be left to the people that know it all. Likewise, adjustments should never be made without clear instructions. The spring tension is deadly.


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