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There are so many elements that make your garage door work smoothly therefore malfunctions can be caused by any number of reasons. Diagnosing these problems is easy for our experts and repairing them quickly, professionally and affordably is our number one concern.

Mismatched Frequency Settings

Most garage door openers are designed to work remotely using Bluetooth or radio waves. One of the most common reasons for is that the frequency settings in the remote control are out of alignment. This can easily happen if your remote has fallen a few too many times. The solution is simple: call our professional servicemen. We have the right training and equipment to test your transmitter and we can reset your remote’s frequency for you quickly and on the spot.

General Overuse

Modern garage door openers actually contain delicate little computers that control the algorithms of your remote’s signals. If you’ve ever opened your remote, you’d see the inside is full of small parts and fine wires. Over long periods of time these delicate parts can break and wear down causing electronic malfunctions inside the remote. If any of these parts are broken or improperly connected, your door won’t consistently open and close like it should. That’s why our technicians are all highly trained to identify the specific problem and can either repair or replace the circuit board inside your remote. 

Fixing The Receiver

Sometimes the problem is actually in the remote’s transmitter. If your transmitter is out of alignment for any reason, it can seem like the remote sensors are malfunctioning. Your transmitter is located in your garage, so if it is damp or there is a leak, your transmitter could have been damaged by water or rust. Alternatively your receiver may have just gotten bumped around a few too many times and some of the inner parts disconnected or a circuit wire broken.   

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When it comes to your door, we don't settle! We also offer:

Part Replacement & Lubrication

Remote Opener Clicker Replacement

Broken Spring Replacement & Repair

Track Alignment & Repair


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