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There could be any number of issues causing your remote to malfunction. It could be the receiver, the transmitter, an electric fault, or the time has come to replace some of the parts. Narrowing down the problem may still not bring you any closer to resolving the issue.  That’s when it’s time to call our professional repair team. We’ll make sure the job is done right the first time!

Transmitter Wear and Tear

Inside the tough exterior, modern remote transmitters contain delicate little “computers” that control the algorithms of your garage door signals. If any of the internal wires or circuits are worn or disconnected, your door won’t react to your remote’s commands. Our trained technicians can help diagnose what’s wrong with the circuits and professionally fix your remote control within minutes. 

Replace the Battery

Replacing a battery may not sound like a big job, but opening your remote, removing the circuit board without causing any damage and replacing the battery properly usually requires professional assistance. We always have different remote control batteries on hand that fit almost any garage door opener you might have.  We can open, fix and replace the battery without causing any damage to your remote. Afterwards, we can also recalibrate the radio waves or Bluetooth to match your transmitter’s signal frequencies.

Fixing The Receiver

When your remote control’s receiver breaks down, you should call in our professional technicians to fix the problem. Fiddling with the receiver yourself could cause further damage or may break some of your garage door parts, which could be dangerous. If your receiver has been damaged by damp air or water, you may also risk getting an electric shock just trying to check what’s wrong.

When you call our professional team, there’s no need to wait for a part to come in and you won’t get temporary solutions. Our trained technicians can always diagnose and fix the problem properly on the spot. To fix your garage door remote quickly and professionally, call to schedule an appointment today! 

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