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On our FAQ page you’ll find out what type of garage doors and openers we install, the steps involved in our maintenance service and how long it will take to fix common problems.

What size does the opening need to be for my new garage door?

You should cut out an opening roughly the same size as your new garage door. Finish the exterior with molding or a perimeter seal so that rain and any outside elements cannot enter the garage. Our technicians are experts at installing new garage doors and will help you decide on the perfect model for your home. Contact us today for details.

Which is better, a torsion spring or an extension spring?

Torsion springs are better because they don’t fully extend like extension springs and can generally last twice as long. Torsion springs are also quieter and require fewer parts to function properly, resulting in less wear and tear and less risk of damage when they break. For more information, contact our technical experts to help you make the right choice.

Do windows in a garage door pose an extra security risk?

Even though some windows have tempered glass for extra strength, if you are concerned about security, then choose a windowless door. If you do decide on windows in your door, they should be placed in the upper section where they are difficult to reach but still allow sunlight to come inside. Visit us to see our wide selection of models and find the perfect one that suits your home.


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